The Pressed Juices Advanced Cleanse is tailored for those who have an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and some previous juicing experience. Slightly more intense than the Basic Cleanse, it promotes a deeper detoxification through an abundance of essential nutrients to help purify mind and body.

The Advanced Cleanse combines our juices, smoothies, tonics and mylks in detox programs designed to target specific health and wellness goals. For example, our ‘Focus’ cleanse includes juice for brain power, while our ‘Digest’ program includes colon detox juice ingredients. All are available as part of a 5 day, 4 day or 3 day juice cleanse. Weight loss is a possible fringe benefit of all programs, but can also be specifically targeted in our ‘Lean’ cleanse.

Choose from one of the above options or customise your own with the Advanced Cleanse package.


It’s important to prepare yourself for an Advanced Cleanse in the three days before you begin. We recommend drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, introducing a daily green juice, and easing off the caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars and nicotine. Whether you’re embarking on a 3 day juice cleanse weight loss program or an intensive 5 day detox, you can expect to feel some tiredness, fatigue and mild headaches as normal side effects.

Please contact us if you require more information on our juice for brain power, colon detox juice, or other products.