Delivery & Returns

We can deliver Pressed Juices straight to your home or workplace.

Delivery is currently only available to selected metropolitan areas in Melbourne and Sydney, Monday to Friday.

To be eligible for delivery, there is a minimum of 4 juices per delivery.

Please note if you have ordered a juice cleanse (3, 4 or 5 days), your cleanse will be delivered in multiple installments to ensure the freshest product possible is delivered. 

If you have purchased a juice cleanse online & specified delivery, you will only receive 1.5 days worth of your cleanse due to the short shelf life of our product. You will receive two/three deliveries during your cleanse with Pressed Juices depending on the length of your cleanse. *NOTE: We do not deliver over the weekend. 

If you have specified delivery, we cannot guarantee your delivery will arrive prior to 9.30am.

If you are picking up your order from a store within 48 hours of ordering, Pressed Juices can not guarantee your exact order will be available due to production scheduling. If you have arranged a store pick up, please note that if you do not pick up your juices within 48 hours of your specific pick up date, you will not be refunded for your order.

Melbourne and Sydney Metro

Deliveries are available Monday – Friday. Orders must be received by 3pm two days prior to your delivery. Delivery occurs between 7am-12pm and is dependent on your location and order.

All other areas / Deliveries outside of Metro areas:

Deliveries to these areas need to be assessed on an individual basis. Whilst we endeavor to deliver to all areas, we rely on the service of external courier companies, and we cannot promise delivery everywhere due to the sensitive nature and perishability of our product. Please contact and a customer care representative can ascertain delivery options for you.

If you have purchased a juice cleanse online & specified a store pick up, you will only be able to pick up 1.5 days worth of your cleanse due to the short shelf life of our product. You will need to visit the store twice/three times during your cleanse with Pressed Juices to pick up all your juices depending on the length of your cleanse.

Delivery Terms and Conditions:

  1. We strive for accurate delivery times, however delivery times may be delayed due to unforeseen airfreight or road delays.
  2. For next day delivery, orders must be placed and confirmed by the cutoff times, as our production works to strict deadlines.
  3. We do not offer cancellations or refunds. Any changes must be requested 48 hours prior to delivery.
  4. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the order will be left by the courier at your own risk.
  5. Due to the freshness and perishability of our juices, please refrigerate the products as soon as possible.


If in the event your purchase is spoilt/rancid or breaches a consumer guarantee we will exchange the product upon presentation of your proof of purchase. This only applies to store bought products.

If the product is purchased via online and the product is spoilt, Pressed Juices takes no responsibility in refunding the spoilt product. The customer accepts the responsibility when purchasing the product that the Pressed Juices products are fragile and must be refrigerated after the product has been delivered. Therefore, if product is spoilt, Pressed Juices will not provide a refund or replacement product of delivered goods.

In the event that the consumer changes their mind about a product they have ordered online, Pressed Juices will not provide a refund or change the product order.

The fastest way to obtain an exchange is to visit your local Pressed Juices store where our team will be able to assist you immediately.

If visiting a store is not convenient for you, or there is not a store close to you, then please contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible on 1300 773 775 to discuss the available options.